Empathy Forecast with Matt Magain

November 26, 2019

Empathy Forecast with Matt Magain

This event has been postponed to 2020. Please check in for further details next year!




How well do you understand your customers, clients, stakeholders or employees?

Empathy forecasting is a wonderful way for getting clients, stakeholders, and team members collaborating, contributing, and thinking about a product or service from the user’s perspective.

In this workshop, you'll learn from Sketch Group’s Matt Magain about when to use an Empathy Forecast and how to do it. You'll then get the opportunity to practice running the activity yourself, for a hypothetical client.

Empathy forecasting:

  • draws upon expertise from the group about the target audience for a communications project
  • makes explicit what the audience's assumptions, goals, and motivations are
  • helps refine the key message to be communicated
  • helps articulate the behaviour change desired, and
  • elicits language that will resonate with the audience to facilitate the desired behaviour

About Matt Magain
Matthew Magain is the founder and CEO of Sketch Group, a collective of creative souls who use sketching to solve problems, tell stories, explain ideas, and capture conversations. Over the years, he has created a whiteboard animation about the federal budget, graphically recorded a presentation for Malcolm Gladwell, graphically facilitated a board meeting at the ABC, and visualised a journey map of the foster carer system. He believes sketching can be transformational.

Matthew’s work has been featured in several books, including the Sketch note Handbook and The World of Visual Facilitation, and he is a regular guest on podcasts about visual thinking. He lives in Melbourne and spends his spare time buying LEGO® online and pretending it’s for his daughters.


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